Horse Riding Lessons in Largo

Looking for horse riding lessons in Pinellas? Calypso Bay Stables is best-known for its children’s riding lessons, Day Camps and Summer Camps.

Manager and Trainer Judi Hicklin brings with her over 40 years of experience working around horses, and more than 20 providing riding lessons. Although Calypso Bay is primarily a hunter-jumper barn, they support and encourage all riding disciplines, including dressage and western-style riding.

Calypso Bay focuses on teaching kids the fundamentals of riding and all facets of caring for a horse, which helps provide young minds with a balanced approach toward others and builds self-esteem.

Prices for Horse Riding Lessons

Lessons last one hour and include:

  • 10 minutes tacking up, brushing, cleaning hooves, learning parts of the horse and horsemanship
  • 40 minutes ride time
  • 10 minutes cooling down, hosing off, brushing and putting back in stall

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Meet Our Riding Instructors

Judi Hicklin

Manager & Trainer
Judi got her start working with horses while raising Appaloosas in Iowa. She learned early on how to care and manage these powerful and smart creatures and has worked in several horse related industries. As a trainer, she has successfully guided thoroughbred race horses in winning more than $6 million in purses. Her 40-year career includes 20-years as a Hunter/Jumper Riding Instructor. But her depth of experience also allows her to design specific training programs for a wide variety of riding interests, including Dressage and Western-Style Riding. At Calypso Bay, however, Judi’s focus is on helping children develop into confident, well-rounded kids who know how to take of their horse, as well as the humans around them.

Stephanie Burnham

Stephanie is a former rider at Calypso Bay, starting here when she was very young. She went on to ride and compete as a teenager and young adult with other stables and has always continued to ride throughout her life. After growing up and having a family of her own, she brought her daughter back to Calypso Bay for lessons and has since joined the team as an instructor. Stephanie works with our youngest riders and ensures they are following proper fundamentals, so they grow in confidence and are prepared to start competing.

Meet Our Lesson Horses


White / Welsh Cross / Mare


Bay / Paint / Mare


Chestnut / Paint / Gelding


Bay / Thoroughbred / Mare


Buckskin / Quarter Horse / Gelding


Chestnut / Quarter Horse / Gelding


Palomino / Paint / Mare


Horse Riding Prices